Welcome to the FingerFireTM Lacrosse website!  Created by Samantha Wolfe, the FingerFireTM heated technology is going to revolutionize the game of lacrosse and keep your hands warm on the field in frigid temperatures.  

Do your hands freeze like mine do? I have a solution for you!  

My rechargeable heated lacrosse shaft will keep your hands warm during practice or a full game. This will allow you to play to your full potential and truly up your game.

I have already been piloting the FingerFireTM technology with four top women’s Division One teams. The FingerFireTM technology has been approved for competition by the US Lacrosse national governing body.

Please read about the numerous features of the FingerFireTM Lacrosse stick technology and check out our media spotlights. Feel free to check out my story as well, and please contact me with any questions or interest on how to bring FingerFireTM to your school or community and become a leader in the future of lacrosse!