My Story

Whenever I was playing lacrosse my hands would freeze into icicles. I tried different gloves, but nothing seemed to keep my hands warm. Whether it was during a game or practice I was not able to play to my full potential as the numbness in my hands was hindering my playing. Due to loss in dexterity my teammates and I could not pick up a ground ball very easily and we found ourselves missing passes and throws as our hands were not able to fully grasp the stick. After every game or practice I would leave the field complaining to my parents on how I could not put up with my freezing hands any longer. This all led to my idea of a heated lacrosse stick.


I was very naive going into this process as I thought it would only take a few months! For example, it took us about ten months just to test different heating methodologies and looking at the tradeoffs among weight, heat and duration. I have also learned how to work with lots of other professionals including patent attorneys and examiners and distributors. This six year journey has been very eye opening. I now know how much time, effort, and sweat it takes to bring an innovation to the market, but if you have the passion it is all worth it!


My passion is for all girls to feel that when they are playing lacrosse they have the fire and confidence in them to play their best. As the fastest growing sport in the country, lacrosse is reaching more and more girls everyday who are having to brave the cold…but now they have the FingerFireTM technology to heat the way!